RampShot offers 3 different versions of the game (Classic,Rookie and Slapback) to play to accommodate all skill levels.  Check out some of our "How To" videos below to get a better idea of how to play!


Teammates stand on opposite sides of the playing area and work together to score points by tossing and/or catching the balls. 3 points for a shot directly in the net. 1 point if your teammate catches the ball on a fly after bouncing off the top of the ramp. If the shooter's toss comes up short and hits the front of the ramp, the ball will bounce back in the shooter's direction. The opposing team member can now come in and catch the ball to gain an extra shot for their team. The first team to 15 wins! Three out of four players are involved in every play keeping everyone on their toes and ready to make the big play. The grooves on the ramp make for unpredictable bounces and highlight reel catches.   Click here for PDF.


RampShot Rookie is a brand-new way to play that is great for younger kids and beginners. With all the elements of the original RampShot in place, RampShot Rookie keeps all the fun but simplifies the scoring and rotating of positions. Even the youngest players now have an opportunity to enjoy playing RampShot but with a greater chance of success! Watch the RampShot Rookie how to play video and feel free to contact us with any questions at all.



Are you ready to take your RampShot game to the next level? RampShot has now released a new method of play for advanced players that is sure to add a whole new level of excitement to your game. It’s called, RampShot with Slapback! While traditional point values have always been a single (1 point) or a triple (3 points), RampShot with Slapback gives your team the ability to now earn a double (2 points). This fun new rule is a game changer! New strategies and even more teamwork will put your team to the test! Watch the video to see how it works and download the printable instructions to get the full scoop!  Click here for PDF.