How we got here...

Josh and Kevin were friends for almost 15 years before they invented RampShot.  Their love of the great outdoors, BBQ's and anything competitive was the inspiration behind this completely unique backyard game.  With Josh's background in Physical Education and Kevin's business expertise,the two took the idea and turned it into a fun high quality product that is now played in backyards,beaches and tailgates around the country!  Josh and Kevin launched RampShot in 2014 and it took off rapidly.  They realized quickly that RampShot could be the next big thing in outdoor games! Get to know them and the rest of the guys!


 Meet the team!


Josh Bonventre has been a physical education teacher on Long Island, NY for over 15 years. His love of yard games, BBQs and being outside led to the lightbulb moment that came to be RampShot. Josh has been skydiving and rafted some of the toughest white water rapids in the country. Now he is married with three kids and his adventures include Little League and getting the kids off to school on time :) Josh loves teaching RampShot to new people and watching their eyes light up when they fall in love with the game he helped create! 



 Kevin Texeira grew up on Long Island, NY and spent much of his life around the beach and on the water.  Lifeguarding, boating, and surfing were all activities that defined his youth.  His passion for the outdoors directly related to co-founding RampShot.  A career for over 15-years in the consumer goods industry has contributed to the development of RampShot.  Now married with four children, Kevin is passionate about growing a company that gathers friends and families outdoors to engage in good old fashion fun!


Born and raised in Mission Viejo, CA, Buddy Hammon grew up playing baseball, basketball, and football.  After realizing the other kids were growing beards and weighing in at 220 lbs, 5'0" 100 lb freshmen Buddy decided to stick with baseball through high school and took up beach volleyball in college.  With strong interests in health, fitness and sports, he majored in Kinesiology at San Diego State University.  Buddy has used his knowledge and experience to teach PE, fitness classes and now works online to help beginners gain confidence in their health and reach their goals.  Aside from traveling the country teaching and playing RampShot, other interests include exploring, videography, playing the guitar, playing the drums and just living the dream!


Ian Golembeski moved to Fort Collins, CO at the start of 2019, where he works with adults with disabilities in a community based program. Ian plays for a competitive mixed (co-ed) ultimate frisbee team in FoCo, and watches sports on a regular basis. He enjoys the mountains, breweries, and live music that Fort Collins has to offer. Ian loves teaching RampShot to PE teachers, friends, family, strangers…really anyone that will listen to him. He looks forward to growing the RampShot social media and tournament scene!


Born and raised on Long Island, NY, Matt spent most of his teenage years participating in sports such as football and basketball.  Once his dreams of playing on Sunday's fell short, Matt took that competitive spirit he gained from athletics and carried it over into business.  Graduating from Adelphi University with a Degree in Marketing, Matt has spent the last year working with new-to-market brands and has helped in growing their online presence and scaling their business.  When the opportunity presented itself to get involved in RampShot, Matt jumped at the chance to mix his prior experience in business with his love of anything competitive to help grow RampShot into a household name!


Dave Barlow had a huge passion for sports at a very young age and played at a very high level. His AAU basketball team placed 12th in the country at the Nationals in Lexington Kentucky. Being confident in having a lead role as a kid, Dave then went on to become the captain of both his basketball and tennis teams in high school.  With a growing passion for sports, he attended Adelphi University and received his bachelor’s degree in physical education. He is also a three-sport coach! He coaches basketball, football, and lacrosse. Dave loves to teach people of all ages how to play sports, develop their skills and to instil confidence in his players/students at all times. But he especially LOVES to teach the best beach game out-RampShot. You can catch him playing RampShot wherever he goes while representing the brand by rockin an extra tight RampShot tank ;)


Growing up in Eastern Long Island, NY, Jimmy played baseball and towards the later years in high school he started shifting his focus towards powerlifting and studying health, fitness and nutrition. While studying Mechanical Engineering in college, he personal trained family and friends while continuing his hobby of powerlifting where he broke the school record of a 1215lb squat, bench, deadlift at 168lb body weight. For his senior design project he redesigned and 3D printed a jet engine. As a side hustle in real estate investing, he acquired two small multi-family apartment complexes by the age of 23. With his relevant background, he seemed like a perfect complementary fit with RampShot as they sought for someone who can help the business and finance side of things, an in-house engineering designer and another hand in traveling the country to showcase the next big thing in backyard/beach games!